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Should You Choose PGs Over Other Types of Housing

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A PG is a good option for a first-time student. It’s one of the most popular housing options among students, and with good reason too. You get to live on your own in a fully furnished room, right across from your college campus, which means you don’t have to travel far to get to class or attend events.



But even with those benefits, if you have some money for expenses at your disposal, you might be asking yourself if a pg in sector 14 gurgaon is really a better choice than flats or apartments. After all, those are supposed to be much more comfortable, and obviously come with much more privacy, right?

In reality, though, that’s not quite how it breaks down.


Why PGs Are Better Than Flats


1. The Price Factor

A boys pg in sector 15 gurgaon is generally a much better choice than going for a flat for one reason: cost. In a flat, you might find it cheaper if you’re allowed to live with your friends where you can split the rent, letting you save money on expenses, right?


However, if one of the residents ends up leaving or moving to another location (or you don’t like your flatmates), you’ll have to pick up their portion of the rent. If it’s just the two of you, you’ll have to pay the entire rent if your flatmate leaves, and that’s an extraordinary expense for a college student!


2. The Convenience Factor

There’s also the fact that unless you’re living with a very uncooperative host (or simply in a bad PG location), PGs are generally going to be much more convenient for busy people like college students and even professors. For example, most PG hosts offer meals, either included in the rent or at a separate price. This means you don’t have to waste multiple hours every day cooking for yourself, which can get old pretty quickly.


Are PGs Better Than Hostels?


There’s just no question about this: the best pg in Sector 14 gurgaon will ALWAYS be better housing than hostels! Just think about it for a second. You get privacy in a PG, whereas you’ll have to share a hostel or dormitory with tens of other people. You also get private bathrooms and other facilities in a PG that you don’t have in a hostel. Even if you’re travelling on your own, it’s better to live in a PG than to stay at a hostel.


The most important thing to consider when choosing between PGs and hostels is location. If you’re planning on staying in one place for more than two months, then it makes sense to choose a PG over staying at a hostel. That way, you can get comfortable during your long stay.


This is why we highly recommend staying in a PG if you’re going to college in Gurgaon’s sector 15. If you can’t afford it, then go for the hostels and dormitories, but definitely try to avoid paying for hotels because they’re going to cost you way more than what you’d pay for a PG.


Why Do People Use Hostels At All?


The main reason why people choose to stay in hostels is because they’re cheaper than PGs. However, if you’re staying in a good location and paying around Rs.5,000 per month for your room and meals (which isn’t too bad), then that’s not much of an issue at all as compared to sharing rooms with strangers who can be very noisy at times.

The worst part is, your hostel mates could prove to be unhygienic, and that isn’t something anybody wants to suffer through their college years, right?


The Takeaway


There are many reasons why PGs have become so popular with young college students., but what really makes a girls pg in sector 14 gurgaon the best housing for young college students is that they are generally the safest places. Since you will be living with the host (and possibly their family) and these houses are in safe residential neighbourhoods, parents can rest assured their children are in safe hands when they head off to school every day.


This means you can relax knowing your child won’t be walking around campus alone at night — especially if he or she is on their own for the first time!


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